Commitment to Quality Durability Innovation

In 2011, we started our activities in the municipality of Nova Veneza, south of the state of Santa Catarina, where our main suppliers of castings are installed, the main raw material for the manufacture of our products, and where we find abundance of specialized labor.

Who We Are

We are Triunfo Indústria Metalúrgica. Company specializing in the design and manufacture of vacuum pumps with rotary vane, low pressure and flow measurement devices. Our pumps are suitable for use in mechanical milking machines, where we supply 70% of the milking machine manufacturers in Brazil and we have customers in all countries in Central America, South America and some countries in Oceania.

Triunfo pumps, can be used in all processes where good flow and low pressure are required, such as: battery liquid loading, vacuum packaging, hospital or dental vacuum, vacuum liquid transportation (especially for fuels), irrigation and many others. As long as liquids, gases or debris do not pass inside the pumps, where only the air must pass, totally clean and free of impurities. Due to the extremely fine adjustment in the assembly of its internal parts.

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